“I work with the theme of delving into my subconscious and trying
to reveal unconscious feelings and thoughts in my works”


Yuriy Vatkin

Yurii Vatkin was born in 1975 in Dnipropetrovsk, and in 1977 his family moved to Kharkiv. At a young age, the future artist developed an interest in art and produced countless drawings that showed great promise. At 14, Yuriy met a prominent Kharkiv graphic artist and excellent teacher Oleksandr Bragin, from whom Yuriy, a budding artist, took private lessons.

Two years later, at 16, Vatkin became a student at the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts. In his work as an accomplished artist, Yuriy Vatkin is guided by emotions and intuition. He neither follows the fashion nor puts himself in opposition to society. He likes to express his thoughts and feelings through oil on canvas, stimulating his viewer’s imagination and taking them along for the ride.

My paintings convey my state of being at the time of their creation. They are full of colors, emotions, lines, and shapes.

What should be falling, freezes on the canvas, and what should not move at all, comes to life and unfolds in the space of light, brushstrokes, and proportions. In my work, I delve into my subconscious and try to reveal the unconscious feelings and thoughts.

I use coarse, visually textured impasto brushstrokes to convey the work’s underlying emotional color and mood. This is my signature technique that can be seen in many of my works. My art is inextricably linked with nature and the environment.

My creativity enables me to use colors and shapes to express a wide range of emotions, infusing the lines on the canvas with feelings that my viewers can experience in their bodies and minds.

Yuriy Vatkin


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